Pioneer School Levy

The Journal ran an article (Oct 3, 2013) about the levy for the Pioneer School District and there were two editorials supporting the levy.  But if the voters pass the levy they should also elect new board members.   Without voter approval, previous levy funds were bargained away during collective bargaining negotiations to provide additional “wage enhancements”  or  to “enhance the employee health benefits pool” .    The school board made the objectives of the levy more difficult to achieve by those actions.   
If the voters want new a new middle school building and additional primary school classrooms, how will they protect that goal when collective bargain comes again (and it is right around the corner).   Will your incumbent school board members focus 100% of levy funds into the new buildings and classrooms?  How much are they willing to divert in bargaining?  Then what, another levy to cover the plundered amount?    Kids and parents in the Pioneer School District deserve  board members who won’t allow plundering of the levy funds.   

Sandy Tarzwell, Shelton WA