Daybreak 2

Tracy Moore for City Commissioner

Tracy Moore has the Necessary Strengths

An effective Shelton City Commissioner respects that a government is its citizens “building a stronger community together”, and has the knowledge, skills and courage to make decisions in support of this.  Tracy Moore will be an effective City Commissioner because she has the necessary strengths.  

Tracy has the knowledge to be an effective City Commissioner.  Equipped with experience and training as a citizen-volunteer and a city, county and non-profit employee, Tracy understands community issues and knows the processes to achieve community goals. She will look within and beyond Shelton for fresh ideas, resources and partnerships, and will address issues with concrete solutions.

Tracy has the skills to be an effective City Commissioner.  Through her professional work, her service as chair of the Shelton Historic Preservation Board, a member of the Planning Advisory Committee and a state advisory committee, and as a community advocate, Tracy has developed essential skills.  She has proven abilities to thoughtfully articulate ideas, engage citizens and groups, respect opinions, build consensus, and manage complex efforts to achieve results.

Tracy has the courage to be an effective City Commissioner.  Tracy knows that a key government responsibility is to set up the right conditions to attract quality growth and economic development, and that public investment encourages private investment.  Tracy has demonstrated courage under pressure by consistently speaking at Commission meetings and encouraging decision-makers to not settle for a mediocre community. She will serve as our next City Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements with that same strength and courage.

Janet Rogerson (formerly Shelton City Commissioner Janet Thornbrue), Shelton WA