Daybreak 2

Tracy Moore has the needed experience

Making sound decisions at City Hall is not simple. Elected officials must understand complex laws, and piles of regulations. Only one candidate running for Shelton City Commission has these abilities. Tracy Moore has devoted more than 20 years to gaining the understanding needed to be an effective city commissioner. She has served on scores of citizen committees, been employed as an administrator of City codes, served many years as chair of a key City of Shelton advisory group, and worked at local non-profit agencies learning the needs and concerns of local citizens. As a result, she is more qualified to step in and hit the ground running in the role of city commissioner than any candidate in recent memory.
These days being a nice person is simply not enough to qualify one to serve the community in elected office. We should expect that a candidate has done the homework necessary to understand the job through and through before she expects to be trusted with the responsibility of office. Tracy Moore has clearly done that homework.
It is not reasonable to expect to simply step out of your front door one day and declare yourself ready to be elected. Tracy Moore understood this years ago and has spent decades preparing for the job of City Commissioner. Tracy is ready. Tracy Moore is the only candidate who is.

Paul Rogerson (Former City of Shelton Community Development Director), Shelton, WA