Jay Hupp for Port of Shelton Commissioner

Citizen Editorial:  I support the re-election of Jay Hupp to the Port of Shelton Commission and here’s why: The Port is all about business and so is Jay; the Port is also all about economic growth and so is Jay. Being an effective Port Commissioner takes a special kind of business experience, the kind that knows how to navigate around obstacles and the conviction to stand firm when others are throwing in the towel; and that defines Jay Hupp to a T.

Now let’s talk about the fairgrounds: Jay has fought harder that anyone in the community to keep the fairgrounds on Port property, because he knows that if we lose the fairgrounds we lose it forever. Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no money to relocate the fairgrounds; the county can barely keep its fiscal head above water, and that condition will likely not improve for several years. Jay knows this because he does his homework, and because he’s been around long enough to know the difference between fiscal realities and pie-in-the-sky promises.

And when it came to residents being kept awake at night by an excessive number of military helicopter operations over Sanderson Field, it was Port Commissioner, Jay Hupp, who spearheaded the community effort for more equitable treatment, and got it.     

And when it came to cutting down the trees on Port property just to fatten the Port’s coffers, Jay was the only commissioner to vote against turning land available for lease into an unattractive stump farm with few natural landscaping options. Where others saw an opportunity to make a quick buck now, Jay had his eye on the future.    
Jay also knows that the only way out of poverty is to create jobs through economic diversity and then to fill those jobs with an educated work force. I doubt if there is anyone in the county better suited to find and to act on just those opportunities.    

Finally, with the availability of city water now at Johns Prairie Industrial Park- thank you, Jay- the Port District is beginning to become truly competitive, so this is not the time to change horses. We need a Port Commissioner who knows what he’s doing.

And that is why I support the re-election of Jay Hupp to the Port of Shelton Commission- because he knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it for us. 

Tom Davis, Shelton, WA, October 21, 2013