Citizen Editorial: UGA Comments

Comments on :Description of the Program/Project and Background Information for the Urban Growth Area Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) "The city will be the lead SEPA agency, and will prepare a "Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement" prior to filing the application with the county." There is no information or definitive explanation of what this means. Steve Goins gave a somewhat vague definition at the hearing. As I understood it, If a proposed project, falls within the parameters of this guideline, no further environmental review will be required or ALLOWED. If some project or proposal is questionable as to its qualifications in the guidelines, we are stuck with it. This leaves open a hornet's nest of possible problems.

The city will hire the consultant and take the opinions of the parties In to account before making the decisions regarding the scope of the review or which consultant to hire." Green Diamond wrote the MOU. This is a conflict of interest. Is it legal? I could not find any reference in the SEPA Handbook allowing this type of arrangement with a non-governmental entity. This needs more investigation.

There is no mention of the CARAs. They are going to be mapped as the County and City have two completely different maps. A Class I CARA is EXTREMELY,HIGHLY SUSECTIBLE TO CONTAMINATION. This is our drinking water.

Heavy Industrial activity always has the possibility of contamination. There is no information as what Green Diamond or Hunter Farm will get out of this, but I hope it will not be at the County and City Citizen' expense.

Patricia Vandehey, Shelton, WA