Citizen Editorial: Who will we pass the mantle to?

I sit on my front porch often, and I think about my little town. Then I think about my children and grandchildren, and I can’t help but fear for their future. It is not an easy thing, for the first time in my life, to feel the burden of what is upon us. If you disagree, then you just aren’t paying attention. The 2014 election season is right around the corner and there is only one person (so far) that I have high hopes for, and that is Travis Couture. Travis is running for the state senate for our 35th Legislative District. I’ve known him for over a year now, and I’m still blown away by his intelligence – but more important to me is his passion. There is a fire in his eyes and if anyone can do it, I believe he can. He is not your “average middle-aged politician” wasting time with business as usual while making a career at sucking up taxpayer money. He is a mover, a shaker, and has the energy, knowledge and passion to save our country. Because folks, that is what is at stake here – the future of our kids and grandkids. Let us never assume that America can’t fail, because if we don’t start sending the right people to represent US, she will fail. I hope you will consider getting to know Travis better on Facebook and his website. I also hope you will consider supporting his campaign if you find you’re of like-mind. And when you give, don’t give to a politician, a party or just an ideology. When you give – give as if you’re giving to your children and grandchildren, because that’s what this is all about.

Dawn Peet
Shelton WA