Citizen Editorial: Acknowledgment of Gratitude for Efforts of Mason County Search and Rescue Team

I would like to supplement a news article about a successful search event for a motorcyclist that occurred on November 10 in Mason County. I want go give an honorable, supportive and grateful acknowledgment to the Mason County Search and Rescue Team. Mason County SAR was present to assist in this search, with eight members who responded to the call for assistance. While Kitsap County SAR reached out with a member to assist, Mason County SAR was on-site as well. All SAR groups throughout Washington support each other as this article shows, but I would like Mason County overall to know that they have an excellent, very strong and extremely, well-trained group of dedicated volunteers who, unpaid, and on their own time, maintain constant, high-level areas of training, such as mock searches in the early hours of the morning and in all kinds of weather year round. All these men and women are very prepared and ready to assist in searches and are proud to do so.Thank you.

Lisa Savoia, Lacey WA