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Warm Waters Sending Salmon To Canada, Not WA

sockeyecamScientists believe that unusually warm water off the Washington coast is sending the vast majority of sockeye salmon to Canadian waters, leaving Puget Sound fishermen with nearly empty nets. According to data from the Pacific Salmon Commission, nearly 2.9 million sockeye salmon


Elwha River Is Free: Washington Dams Are Rubble

glineslast82614Nothing but rubble is left of the dams blocking the Elwha River. The last bit of concrete structure was demolished on Tuesday. The Peninsula Daily News reports the Elwha River is free to travel its own path for the first time in a century.


ND, Port In Wash. Sign Transportation Pact

North Dakota and a port in the state of Washington have signed an agreement that will increase the shipments of ag commodities from North Dakota to the West Coast. Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring says the agreement signed Wednesday with Port of Vancouver USA located in Vancouver, Washington, will provide a major opportunity to commodity handlers, particularly small and mid-sized companies, to access rail facilities on the same basis as larger companies. Goehring says boxcars that carry supplies to North Dakota's oil industry currently return to the port empty. Under the agreement, the boxcars will head back west filled with wheat, corn, soybeans and other crops. The boxcars would then be offloaded and put into ships that can transport the North Dakota commodities to Asia and Latin America. FARGO, N.D. (AP) – August 27, 2014