The Internet Has Changed the Way We Read

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-04_a9726b8af6.jpgAnatoliy Babiy/Thinkstock (MEDFORD, Mass.) -- Are you reading this sentence or are you just skimming? A Tufts University cognitive neuroscientist tells The Washington Post that all the stuff we read online is changing the way our brain processes information. In other words, we are turning into scanners and skimmers rather than readers in order to absorb everything on the Internet.

Maryanne Wolf says that with all the shortcuts available to get a lot of information, it might be making it more difficult for people to sit down and read a newspaper, much less a 500-page novel.

If we can't change, Wolf recommends, "We should be simultaneously reading to children from books, giving them print, helping them learn this slower mode, and at the same time steadily increasing their immersion into the technological, digital age."

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