Eight-Year-Old Helps Mom Deliver Baby Brother

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-05_e018240812.jpgiStock/Thinkstock (TAMPA BAY, Fla.) -- An 8-year-old in jumped in to help her mother deliver her baby brother on Monday. Jazmine McEnaney called 911 after her mom, Krystle Garcia, went into labor at the family's Florida home. "All of a sudden my water just broke," Garcia said. "I had no signs of labor whatsoever so I had no idea."

"I said, 'Jazmine, grab the cordless phone and dial 911,'" Garcia recalled. Jazmine got on the line with a 911 dispatcher around 7 a.m. "Jazmine, can you get some dry towels and a blanket to wrap the baby in," the dispatcher asks Jazmine, according to the 911 call. "Mommy are you pushing or straining?," Jazmine can be heard asking her mom, in response to the dispatcher's same question. "Yes," Garcia replies.

As the baby came closer to delivery, the dispatcher instructed Garcia on what to tell her daughter to do to help. "Come here, hold the baby's head please. Hold the baby's head please, Jazmine," Garcia can be heard telling her daughter on the call. "Oh my God. She's freaking out. She's only 8 years old."

Less than 15 minutes after calling 911, Jazmine and her mom together delivered the newest member of their family, a boy named Joseph James Snyder. "I had to get towels and hold it around the baby's head," Jazmine recalled after Joseph was born.

Paramedics arrived soon after Joseph's delivery and took mother and son, who was born two weeks early at five pounds and 10 ounces, to the hospital.

"If she wasn't there, I don't know what I would have done," Garcia said. "There's no way I would have made it to a phone."

Also showing her appreciation to Jazmine was the 911 operator who talked mother and daughter through the birth. The operator, whose name was not released, came to the hospital to meet the boy she helped deliver and the big sister who made it happen. "Can I get a hug from you?," the operator said to Jazmine, who responded with a hug. "You helped me so much, my little hero."

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