New Bathing Suit Designed to Offer Better Back Coverage

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-05_f68b46fe10.jpgDigital Vision/Thinkstock (NEW YORK) -- If backne (back acne), scars or tattoos have you reaching for the cover-up the second you exit the water, there's a bathing suit line in the works that's got your back covered. Literally. Lensa Kitilla, the founder of Kenna Swims, has started a Kickstarter campaign to get her suits made. And it looks like she'll get there: More than half of the $15,000 she needs has already been raised, and there are still more than three weeks to go on her campaign.

So what do these "full back coverage" suits have that a plain, old rash guard can't deliver? "Elegance," for one. Plus, Kitilla said, rash guards are "targeted for women who are sensitive to chlorine, have very sensitive skin and need protection against the sun rays. So it is often made of thick material and usually covers up the entire upper body. And it takes away from the feeling that you are wearing a bathing suit, because it looks like a fitted shirt and not a swimsuit."

The Arizona-based Kitilla, an engineer by profession, herself suffered from back acne as a teenager and has the scars to show it. To this day, it can make her feel uncomfortable to wear backless clothing.

"As far as swimwear goes," she wrote on her fundraising page, "I dare you to find pieces that actually cover the back."

It's true that the vast majority of suits leave much of the back, especially the upper back, exposed.

Kenna Swims claims to be the "only swimwear line that want to cater to women that want stylish swimwear but want to cover up backne, scars and tattoos."

Kitilla told ABC News she recently heard from a woman who got a "big tattoo on her back when she was younger and now that she is a mom and older, doesn't feel comfortable showing it off anymore."

Setting a good example is something Kitilla can understand.

"I want this brand to be an alternative to teen girls and young adults that are bombarded by the message that attractiveness equals showing more skin," she said.

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