NYC Bans Sale of Cigarettes to People Under 21

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-11_3d59461934.jpgClaudio Arnese/Getty Images (NEW YORK) -- Forget about buying a pack of cigarettes in New York City if you're not at least 21 years old. The city, which already has some of the toughest smoking restrictions in the nation, made it illegal Tuesday for stores to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21. That includes e-cigarettes, which have been gaining in popularity in recent years.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed the bill into law, saying it would "prevent young people we think from experimenting with tobacco when they are most likely to become addicted."

There's evidence to back up Bloomberg's claim as studies have shown most smokers will become addicted to nicotine before they turn 21.

Nonetheless, the law doesn't make it illegal for teens to smoke, meaning cops can't hassle them if they're puffing away in areas of New York where smoking isn't prohibited.

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