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The 2015 Regular Session is 105 days | January 12 through April 27.

During the Washington Legislative session, Jeff and Dale invited lawmakers to discuss hot topics on Daybreak. Schedule:  Monday 8:40AM – Senator Tim Sheldon. Wednesdays 7:40AM – Representative Dan Griffey. Thursdays 8:15AM – Representative Drew MacEwen. US Congressman Derek Kilmer- monthly broadcasts.

Bill On Animals Locked In Cars Clears Washington Senate

hot petsA bill making it a civil offense to lock a pet in a car under dangerous conditions won unanimous approval from the Washington state Senate. With little debate, senators approved the bill 49-0 Friday morning to expand Washington's animal-protection laws.

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Senate Passes Bill To Notify Families When Guns Are Returned

gunsA bill to notify family members when police return confiscated guns has won unanimous approval from the Washington state Senate. The Spokesman-Review reports senators voted 49-0 Friday morning in favor of a bill named for Sheena Henderson, who was shot to death by her husband in a murder-suicide at Spokane's Deaconess Hospital in July 2014.

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Senate Unanimously Passes Bill To Beef Up Hazard Mapping

landslideThe state Senate voted unanimously Wednesday for a bill requested by Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark to use LiDAR technology to develop and catalog detailed maps of Washington’s geologic hazards. Introduced by Sen. Kirk Pearson, R-Monroe, Senate Bill 5088 requires

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Washington Legislature's Body-Cameras Bill Spurs Debate

officercameraAn attempt by the Washington state Legislature to regulate how police body cameras will be used is being criticized by groups concerned with open government and civil liberties.

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Spokane Medical School Plan Advances In Legislature

capitol insideThe state Senate Ways and Means Committee approved changing a law Tuesday to allow Washington State University to start a medical school in Spokane.

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Proposals Push Nuclear Energy In Washington State

Lawmakers are pushing proposals that advance nuclear power as part of Washington's energy mix. Bills sponsored by Republican Sen. Sharon Brown of Kennewick promotes nuclear energy, focusing on small nuclear reactors that are designed to be built in factories, trucked to a site and assembled on location. The Senate Ways and Means Committee heard one bill on Tuesday that calls for a state study that would identify possible locations for these smaller reactors.

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Washington Justices Weigh Warrantless Searches Of Records

copsearchJustices on Washington's Supreme Court had a lot of questions about a little-known state law that allows investigators to get a suspect's bank, phone, email and other records without a search warrant. Under the law, prosecutors have been able to get those records

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