2015 Primary Election Results

electionresults080415In Mason County, there has been a 30.08 % voter turnout for the Primary Election. 6.763 ballots have been counted from a pool of  22,484 registered voters. Next ballot count is August 5, 2015 at 4PM. No estimated number of ballots to be counted.  Races on ballots:  City of Shelton Commissioner of Finance and Accounting, Fire Districts 4 & 5, Shelton School Board Pos 1 and Trails End Water District. In Olympia, Mayor, Port and Fire Districts 5 & 9 below.  Across the state, as of 8/4/15, 8:31PM, total voter turnout - 18.18% out of  3,335,270 registered voters, total ballots counted - 606,248, estimated ballots to count - 60,866.

LINKS: Mason County Auditor Office; WA State Election Results; Kitsap County Election Results; Thurston County Election Results.


Certification date is August 18, 2015.

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Simpson Lease Surrendered To Port

portofsheltonlogoPort Executive Director John Dobson announced Tuesday at the Port of Shelton meeting the lease of approximately 32 acres of Port property by Simpson Timber on the John's Prairie Campus was terminated, effective August 15, 2015.  Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) purchased equipment from the Simpson mill and this lease cancellation results in the Port working directly with SPI on the removal of the equipment.  At question is equipment defined as "trade fixtures" which includes auxiliary equipment such as cat walks, electrical fixtures etc.  Simpson has agreed to assist the Port in the removal of any leftover equipment.

This lease termination frees up 140 sq feet of building space at the Port.  Dobson is looking to existing Port tenants that have requested additional space before he opens the space up for new tenants or previous tenants of the Port. The Port will make more announcements in the next 30-45 days regarding space availability.

Community Correspondent, Jerry Eckenrode – August 4, 2015

Port Considers Changing Their Accounting Methods

Port of Shelton CPA Jan Fancher requested the Port Commission consider a change in their accounting methods.  Fancher suggested going from their current accounting methods (Accrual basis) to Cash Basis accounting, at the suggestion of the State Auditors. According to Fancher, the benefits are an easier accounting system, reduced audit costs, and the method avoids surprises as seen last year when land purchases from years back were audited. In addition the Washington Public Port Association (WPPA) recommends the Cash Basis over Accrual Basis.  The cash basis will give the Port a better look at their assets and align better with the Port's Budget process. Deputy Director Wendy Smith noted CPA Jan Fancher has completed at least six other Port conversions and is well schooled in the process. The Port will consider the recommendation at the next Port of Shelton Meeting on 8/18/15.

Community Correspondent, Jerry Eckenrode – August 4, 2015

Shelton: 6 Year Transportation Plan Up For Approval

sheltoncom2014Per RCW 35.77, the purpose of the 6-Year Transportation Program (TIP) is “to assure that each city and town shall perpetually have available advanced plans looking to the future for not less than six years as a guide in carrying out a coordinated transportation program.”  It is a plan only, because there is no funding available for the projects listed.

The TIP is used by several state and federal agencies, and serves multiple purposes.  It is for:

  • Local agencies to prioritize their transportation projects anticipated to be done during the next six years;
  • For the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to know what projects are anticipated;
  • To list those projects that have federal and/or state funding secured;
  • To identify those projects that are anticipating state or federal funding that is not yet secured;
  • To allow WSDOT to create a list of projects for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Federally funded projects must be incorporated into the STIP before money will be disbursed to a local agency. The 6-Year TIP is required to be updated annually and adopted each year. The city is mandated to submit the plan to WSDOT within 30 days of adoption and preliminary data is due to WSDOT in August.

City staff recommended the City of Shelton Commission approve the 2016—2021, 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program by adopting Resolution 1084-0815 and putting it on the Aug 10, 2015 Consent Agenda for final action.

Community Correspondent, Jerry Eckenrode – KMAS Newsradio, August 4, 2015

Deckerville Fire – Final Update

deckerville fire(DNR News Release) - Highlights:

  • Dispatch centers and the fire management team have received numerous reports of hazy, drifting smoke. This smoke is not being created by the Deckerville Fire, but is moving into the area from the Paradise Fire in Olympic National Park. If the public sees a definite column of smoke, they should report the fire’s location by calling 1-800-562-6010. For more detail, see the fire update attached.
  • On Tuesday August 4th, the Type 3 Incident Management Team will transfer command of the incident to a Type 4 Incident Management Team.
  • The fire Information Phone: 360-401-5184 will be discontinued August 4th at 10:00 am, after that time please call Washington DNR South Puget Sound Region Office for information: 360-825-1631.
  • Due to more accurate mapping of the fire perimeter, the total area burned is 107 acres. (MAP PDF)

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Get Your Vote In!

IvotedElection Day is Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Statewide, as of 12:30PM, 14.9% of the 3,371,025 ballots issued have been returned. See table below for individual county stats.

Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, August 4, or deposited into an open ballot drop box no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Voters are advised to check mailboxes for pick-up times to ensure an Election Day postmark. More information for Mason County voters: HERE or call (360) 427-9670 ext. 470. Thurson County voters can check here: ThurstonVotes.org or call (360) 786-5408.


 No update for Franklin County.

As of Monday 8/3 at 12:30PM.

 FYI: Columbia, Ferry, Klickitat,  Pend Oreille, and Wahkiakum Counties are not having a Primary.


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SHS Students Attend Leadership Conference

students SHS njrotc1Students from Shelton High School NNDCC participated in the Northwest Youth Leadership Conference (NWYLC) held at Pacific Lutheran University on June 21 - 25. The cadets interfaced with professionals from various disciplines during the conference in order to gain insight concerning the many aspects of leadership. Retired General James McElroy of Shelton was a speaker at the conference.

NWYLC is designed for students to develop a better understanding of:  The basic principles of a free society and of our nation’s history, the elements of leadership required to maintain a free society, those special aspects of leadership applicable to our political, legal, business, and government organizations, and the skills which will enable them to successfully assume leadership positions in their schools, communities and future careers.

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