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Lacey Man Charged With Leading Organized Burglaries

linville hargraveOlympia police officers investigating a case of identity theft discovered evidence of an organized residential burglary crime spree occurring throughout Thurston County.

Members of local law enforcement including Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater Police Departments and the Thurston County Sheriff’s office teamed up with the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office to identify and apprehend an individual suspected of running a burglary ring.

34-year Kenneth Linville, of Lacey, was arrested last week. He faces charges of Leading Organized Crime, as well as charges of Trafficking in Stolen Property, Burglary, and Theft. A number of his accomplices, including his girlfriend, Jessica Hargrave, were also arrested and charged with crimes connected to dozens of burglaries throughout Thurston County.

Eleven suspects were arrested in total. The Olympia Police Department, recovered stolen jewelry, firearms, coins, and electronics related to at least 28 burglaries. Large quantities of Oxycodone were seized during the investigation, as well. Officers also found a smelting pot that they suspect was used to melt down stolen gold jewelry and jewelry settings.

Map of Crimes (pdf)

According to a City of Olympia press release:
The wide-spread investigation is the result of a new law enforcement initiative that began in January. Each month, top law enforcement leaders and staff attend a Regional Crime meeting. The meetings serve as a starting point for identifying crime trends that cross jurisdictional boundaries and to develop plans for addressing the crimes. At the January meeting, local law enforcement agencies examined data showing a recent spike in burglaries throughout Thurston County. The crime trend became a focus for law enforcement and, as a result, those responsible for the burglaries have been arrested.

February 20, 2014/KMAS News

IMAGES: some of the stolen property below and  Hargrave (left) and Linville (right) top.

robbery jewelry

robbery property