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Multiple Vehicle Collision US 101

3carcollisionUpdate:  A man who fell asleep behind the wheel caused a crash that seriously injured two Shelton women this week. The man, Jayson Davis, fell asleep at the wheel of his sedan while northbound on U.S. 101 near state Route 8.

The Washington State Patrol say Davis’ car struck the rear bumper of two vehicles, including a Chevy Blazer driven by Rachel Crawford of Shelton. Crawford and a passenger, Karen Hoard, were both seriously injured when the Blazer rolled onto the passenger side. According to family, Crawford suffered five broken ribs, a lacerated scalp and a broken neck in the crash. The passenger, Karen Hoard, was in a medically induced coma as of yesterday at Providence St. Peter Hospital because of the injuries she suffered. The man driving the other vehicle struck by Davis suffered a shoulder injury. WSP cited Davis for second-degree negligent driving.

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On Tuesday, there was a multiple vehicle collision that took place on NB SR-101 near SR-8 in Olympia. The collision took place a little after 12PM. All NB lanes were blocked until about 1PM, when one lane was opened for cars and pickups only. By 1:30PM, all lanes were open. KMAS has contacted WSP for the official press memo of the accident, but as of this time has not received a reply. KMAS did receive a call from a relative, Katherine Hoard, whose Grandmother and Mother were in the collision. Hoard wanted us to know that the injuries suffered by her Grandmother and Mother were severe. Hoard sent KMAS a statement in her own words regarding the accident and injures.

April 17, 2014/KMAS News


My name is Katherine Hoard. I know I am not a police officer and I was not at the scene of the crash or anything. But the people in the Black Chevrolet Blazer were my mother, Rachel Crawford and Grandmother, Karen Hoard. I have talked to my mom who was in the crash. They were on their way home from Costco with over $300 of groceries in the car when it happened. She was sideswept by the small black sports car and she then propelled out of control, she stepped on the brakes in an attempt to stop the car and then it flipped 3 times before it stopped. My grandma Karen Hoard was pulled out of the wreckage first, she has to my knowledge a broken neck, 10 broken ribs, and several lacerations and contusions to her entire body. When I went to see her in the hospital she was in an immense amount of pain even with the drugs. Later that night they put her in a medically induced coma and intubated her. We are hoping she pulls through. My mother Rachel Crawford was pulled out next, the car was on top of her arm. She was trapped, conscious, and feisty the whole time. She suffered a huge gash on her head, part of her scalp had to be put back on and glued and such, she has a fractured neck, 5 broken ribs and a messed up elbow. Her cheek is swollen due to what we think was one of the Pepsi cans or a purse hitting her hard in the face. She will be okay in time. My mom and grandma are both also mentally shaken. I am writing this to you because all the twitters and information I saw online mentioned that there were no major injuries. From what I have seen with my own eyes I can tell you there was, both physically and mentally. Not only to my mom and grandma, but to us as a family. We have all been shaken to the core by this. My grandma is the true matriarch of our family without her I fear we will fall apart. She does so many wonderful and kind things. She volunteers at the Shelton United Methodist Church; she helps with the Wednesday night dinners and has donated some much of her time and love at that church. My mom is an awesome lady too. If you have even been towed or needed a tow by Jim's Towing she is their night and weekends dispatcher she has worked for them since I was about 9 I am now 24 so a long time. She is always kind and courteous and professional. My mom is also a caregiver. Because of this accident she can do neither of her jobs really for awhile. So I just want everyone to know that there were major injuries and that these people are locals and need everyone's thoughts, prayers and well wishes to be with them and our family.

Submitted by Katherine Hoard/April 17, 2014