3 Minutes To State Your Case, Or Sit Down And Shut Up

planterbox2(Updated with Daybreak Interview on City Response to Planter Boxes) Earlier this week, KMAS reported on Citizen testimonial at the City of Shelton Commission meeting. Forrest Cooper offered public comment for the third time on the newly installed planters, now referred to as Tree Planters.

Cooper’s testimony was shut down after the Mayor’s 3 minute timer signaled time’s up, but before Cooper’s testimony was completed. At past Commission meetings, dependent on the agenda and number of people offering public comment, the Mayor has allowed for longer testimony.

Realistically is 3 minutes enough time for the average citizen to state their case and get their point across? Should the Citizens offering testimony be considerate of the Commission’s meeting time and schedule?

Audio from Daybreak with Jeff and Dale: Shelton's Public Works Director Greg Clark on new planter boxes downtown.

Greg Clark -

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April 24, 2014/JE KMAS


#8 Ma_Kettle 2014-05-08 11:26
The city of Shelton is proving once again that the only care about what the committee wants to do. Those boxes are DISGUSTINGLY UGLY! And they are HUGE. We're not talking about a 1' planter box, but a concrete structure that takes away from the beauty Shelton is trying to achieve. Who ever said, "Why, yes, those are perfect!" has no taste whatsoever. What a waste of tax dollars! I have not met one person who even likes the planter boxes.

I believe that the community deserves a voice. Those who care cannot all be at those meetings. I am for the community stepping in and letting the committee know how we feel. While the public need to be respectful of the committee members time, the committee members need to realize they are in those positions to serve the community. The meetings are only once a month. It's not the end of the world if it ends up being a late night. If that is a problem for the members of the committee, maybe they shouldn't be on it.
#7 Sheltoniscorrupt 2014-04-29 20:39
I love how the news is about tree planters and not the illegal conduct that takes place among the local law enforcement and city officials...

great journalism... not.
#6 Peter 2014-04-28 11:12
Everyone I know is busy, busy, busy. Why can't the Commissioners consider the electronic data method available to everyone with a computer and used for everyday life (shopping, communcations, etc.). A LOT of people have already expressed their views here and don't need to testify in person. I think this is a way the Commissioners want to slant what information they use to make a final decision. I used to attend the State legislators public hearings ....what a farce. Testimonies were stacked the way the reps and senators wanted to have recorded. On this KMAS site, practically no one thought it's a good idea. Pretty apparent to me what is happening here....Ignore the comments they don't agree with. I'll be interested to see what the final decision will be. Is it really worth our time/energy to state our opinions?
#5 Gary Plyler 2014-04-26 11:06
This attempt at Empire Building is not going so well. The huge planters are unsafe and ugly and the trees will have to be replanted every ten years. Swallow your pride city commissioners give up your empire building dreams and come back down to earth.
#4 Tom Davis 2014-04-25 22:53
This poorly advised idea was hatched at the City Commission retreat without so much as a simple feeler to gage community reaction. When the public raised safety and aesthetic concerns the Commissioners appeared to take the criticisms personally, which led them to dig in their heels. Now the matter seems to be driven more by egos than reason, which is never a good thing. A good solution would be for the city to simply remove the four test planters and for the public to appreciate the effort was done with the best of intentions.
#3 Mary Harris Jones 2014-04-25 20:09
Perhaps we haven't reached the proper level of formal civic behavior. I'm thinking of the classic high school cheer:

U - G - L - Y!
You don't got no alibi!
You ugly!
Ugh, ugh, ugh ugly!

There. I feel better.

The problem isn't just with ugly safety problem gray boxes, it's the arrogance that comes with such a project. A half a teaspoon of transparency would have solved this issue. And don't even think of using a timer for discussion during meetings unless you use one for every other issue.

#2 Justin 2014-04-25 18:28
I am mystified to the 'logic' that we want to make our town more beautiful by creating things that are modeled after our trash cans.
I am a witness to quite a few crashes at the corner of 5th and Railroad and any object in the line of site is going to create that many more. It is also extremely unsafe for pedestrians. If we want to encourage people to walk downtown and visit the businesses here then we need to make the crosswalks safer and more visible. Not do things that decrease the line of site for vehicles.
#1 Sally 2014-04-24 16:30
These tree planter boxes are ugly, the fir trees in them look completely out of place being up in these planters. These cause a hazard to all drivers down town. The boxes themselves are IN THE VIEW of drivers. I drive a mid size car and cannot see over these boxes to turn onto Railroad Ave. The city planners make it near impossible for business' to get advertising up via signs yet they permit these hideous HUGE eye sores to be right on the sidewalks. What a joke. I am disappointed in the city planners and commissioners. Wasted tax payers money there. Good job Shelton!