Final Drive at North Mason High School

Final driveThursday, April 24, 2014 at 8:30am Central Mason Fire & EMS and North Mason Regional Fire Authority conducted a staged head-on car accident at Hawkin’s Middle School Football Field. This joint exercise was to teach kids the dangers of poor decisions of driving while impaired.

The exercise started with a trauma lecture called “Trauma Medics Talk Tough” which included a slideshow and videos. Then students moved to the simulated car crash response at the Hawkin’s football field.

The North Mason High School drama students acted as patients in the simulated response and the responding fire and medical units performed extrication and rapid transport. The coroner’s office was there for the two students who died on scene. Both students were placed in body bags and removed from the scene. A third student was airlifted and later died enroute to the hospital. The driver of the minivan was the “impaired” driver who was arrested, handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car. All this was done in front of students to help them understand the full impacts of poor decisions.

Our target audience was Juniors and Seniors at North Mason High School. We hope viewing this will remind them to make smart choices and help save lives now and in the future. A big thank you to all assisting agencies; Mason County Fire District 3, Mason County Sheriff’s Office, Mason County Coroner’s Office, MACECOM, North Mason High School Staff and Students and Paul Benedict for coordinating the sound system.

April 24, 2014/CMF&EMS News Release

IMAGES courtesy of CMF&EMS