Looking For A Few Good Women And Men

masonsheriffheadergreenThe Mason County Sheriff’s Office, down seven deputies, is looking for a “a few good women and men” to fill openings. The openings, mainly in the Mason County Jail, are due to resignations of officers leaving the sheriff’s office for better pay in surrounding counties. Recent resignations have left the jail short of personnel to support existing programs that bring money into the county.

The program “Swift and Certain” brought planned dollars into the county, money to pay the bond for the jail improvements authorized last fall. The agreement requires the jail to hold arrests made by other State or Federal Law Enforcement personnel.

Currently Jail Superintendent Tom Haugen is working with judges and other agencies to cover the needs. Overtime for the jail is being stretched and is at 75% of the annual budget for 2014. The answer is more resources now, however the process for replacement is not as easy- requiring about 6 months to recruit, screen, train and deploy a deputy.

Mason County Undersheriff Jim Barrett and Sheriff Salisbury have been warning that deputies abandon their jobs in Mason county when economic conditions began to turn around. The Sherriff and Jail Superintendent are scheduled to be on Daybreak (on KMAS radio) Friday, May 9, to report on this issue and encourage interested people to apply for a deputy position.

A deputy, as an employee for Mason County receives all county benefits ( base pay, health insurance, and retirement), a rare find in Mason County.

May 5, 2014/JE KMAS News