Tammey Newton Announces Run for 35th District State Representative

Tammey NewtonMason County – Tammey Newton announced today that she will seek election as State Representative, Position 2, in the 35th District as a Democrat. The seat is currently held by first term Republican Drew MacEwen.

“I am running for State Representative to get things done in the Legislature,” said Newton. "I am a tenacious, 'pull herself up by the bootstraps' type of person and I plan to focus on job creation, the economy, and education."

Newton said her experiences in both the private and nonprofit sectors have prepared her well for the job. “I've run a successful business, I've worked in the high tech industry and now I lead a charitable organization. I hope to take my skills and determination to the job of State Representative.”

She said growing our economy and creating jobs would be a focus for her upon being elected. “Strong economies create healthy, competitive communities that are appealing to employers and provide jobs. We can do better with helping our existing businesses succeed while attracting new businesses to the area.” Newton said she would push for “Washington First” laws which would allow in-state companies to get the first crack at state contracts rather than shipping jobs out of state.

Newton would also make education a priority in the State House, stating that she supports full funding of K-12 education, keeping college tuition costs affordable and expanding vocational and technical training opportunities. “We must face that there is an important tie between education and prosperity, as well as education and security in our shifting economy. Who among us isn't personally thankful for the K-12 educators who work to provide us with a foundation for achievement? On my resume however, there was a gap in higher education. I felt the limitations of that gap and faced it head-on. Everyone should have that chance. I am proud to say I will soon graduate from the University of Washington with a Masters in Business Administration – the first in my family to attend university at any level.”

Newton said she would take a bipartisan approach to addressing problems in the Legislature. “We can and must do better. It is time to move away from purely partisan thinking and entrenched politics and instead look for ways to work together in Olympia.” She said she is willing to roll up her sleeves and work with anyone interested in constructively solving problems.

Tammey Newton is the current Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Mason County. She has been active in many charitable and community organizations including Washington Women United. She has been a volunteer big sister and is the current Chair of the Housing Coalition of Mason County. She and her husband Rick live in Allyn and have been married for 10 years.

May 13, 2014/Press Release