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Travis Couture Announces Run For Senate In 35th District

traviscoutureI’m Travis Couture, a Navy Veteran, a small business owner, and a hard working American just like you. I’m running to represent YOU in the Washington State Senate and it’s time to rebuild Independence for WE the people.

We can’t keep electing the same politicians year after year and expect them to pull us out of the messes that they helped to create. It’s time we press the reset button and send career politicians packing.

Current leadership in Olympia is leading us down a path that we can no longer continue to follow, and that is why I will always choose principle over party and people over politics. Now more than ever people are sick of politics as usual. People are hungry for economic freedom and personal liberty.

Let’s cultivate a strong Washington that’s both open minded and open for business. I am a statesman, not a politician, and together we can create a fresh start for a working Washington.

What separates Travis from the rest of the Candidates:

- The only candidate who opposes Obamacare in WA.

- The only candidate who opposes a gas tax increase.

- The only candidate who will protect property rights and strengthen 2nd amendment rights.

- The only candidate who is a Veteran and served the country.

- The only candidate not bought and paid for by big corporations and unions.

Travis has an actual plan, not just empty words and rhetoric, and you can view it on his website.

Check out the website to learn more.

May 15, 2014/Travis Couture Press Release