Train Derails At Montesano; 7 Grain Cars Tip Over

trainderailA train derailed Thursday outside Montesano and seven grain cars tipped over. This is the third derailment in three weeks on tracks operated by Puget Sound & Pacific Railway in the Grays Harbor area. A grain car tipped on April 29 in Aberdeen and train cars also came off the tracks May 9 in east Aberdeen.

According to KXRO, PSP, a division of Genesee & Wyoming, operates all of the tracks coming into Aberdeen that the accidents have occurred. Residents have pointed to the recent derailments as a major concern towards bringing crude by rail shipments into Grays Harbor, while others have questioned the timing and frequency asking if there may be more issues than just rail condition.

May 16, 2014/ABERDEEN (AP) and KXRO