Knee Jerk Reaction, Or Thoughtful Consideration?

MJMason County Commissioners added an item to tomorrow's (7/1/14) consent agenda to consider setting a Moratorium on granting permits for recreational marijuana production and process operations in Mason County. By RCW, the County Commission can only make decisions at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioner in the Commission Chambers.

If a decision to set a moratorium is made by the Commission at tomorrow's meeting, a public hearing to gather Citizen testimony will be set within 60 days. KMAS News Radio will make every attempt to ensure the community is informed both on the radio (KMAS 1030 AM and 104.0 FM, and on website). A moratorium will only affect future recreational marijuana permits. Permits previously granted are vested (grandfathered) and can continue. June 30, 2014/JE KMAS News