Daybreak 2

SR3 Park & Ride Project

Steve Goins, City of Shelton's Community Development Director to investigate potential property purchase in support of the SR3 Park & Ride. Progress continues on the SR3 Park & Ride/ Corridor Enhancement Project. City Staff and the design consultant are diligently working on revised design documents, updating the National Environmental Policy Act and the State Environmental Policy Act, and permit applications. In the course of reviewing and updating the site survey, it was discovered that a portion of the proposed project is not located on property owned by the City of Shelton. Specifically, a significant portion of the proposed park & ride facility is designed on lands within the US Navy railroad easement with the Simpson Timber Company having an underlying ownership.

This portion of the project site is dominated by wetlands (to the east the site of the former sewage treatment plant and the historic pear orchard) and includes old truck scales. Due to the inherent property constrains (associated with working between SR3 and the railroad tracks) the described portion of land is critical to facilitate the envisioned park and ride improvements. This area also contains the “Boot Hill” sweepings pile, consisting of a legacy deposit of street sweeping dating back several decades.

Proposed site development includes mitigation of the “Boot Hill” sweeping pile. In order to proceed with construction as envisioned, the City would need to control this portion of the project site.

Goins will be charged to investigate the property and acquire the property per the City's policy and procedure #300-19 on behalf of the City.

IMAGES/Pear Park (2011) from the City of Shelton website


JE KMAS News – July 28, 2014