Five members Recommended To Human Services Task Force

Community Development Director Steve Goins, announced his recommendation for appointments to fulfill the City’s Human Services Committee.  Task force members represent the health care, affordable housing, social services, business community, and education sectors of the community:  The Committee may have as many as seven members, according to recent revisions to the Ordinance governing the Committee.  The five members named are: Toby Kevin, Charles Orthmann, Tamra Ingwaldson, and Linda Amar with Marilyn Vogler as member at large.

Qualification/ backgrounds are;
Mr. Kevin is currently involved with Community Lifeline, a prominent Shelton social services provider, and formerly served as the Director at Sound Learning (formerly Mason County Literacy).

Mr. Orthmann shares a passion for mitigating the impacts of poverty in the community, having testified before the City Commission on several occasions describing problems and offering solutions surrounding the issue of poverty.

Ms. Ingwaldson is the Executive Director of United Way of Mason County, and is further distinguished as having served on the Poverty Task Force

Ms Amar has a background in education, is the former Director of Family Therapy for the St. Vincent Hospital Addition Treatment Program, and retired as the Director of the Addition Studies Program at Seattle University.

Ms. Vogler has a background in education, having worked at the Michigan Technological University’s Graduate School for several years, is an affordable housing advocate, and is a City resident.

The City Commission is expected to vote on adopting Goins recommendation at the August 18, 2014 City commission meeting.
JE KMAS News – August 12, 2014