WSP Seeks Additional Witnesses for I-5 Hit & Run

WSPcarpartialshotThe Washington State Patrol Criminal Investigation Division is investigating a two vehicle felony hit and run collision that occurred Friday, July 11, 2014 at approximately 4:54 p.m. The collision took place northbound Interstate 5 at milepost 108 between the College Street and Martin Way exits in Lacey, Thurston County.

The two vehicles involved were traveling in the far left lane. A red/maroon early 2000s Mercury Marquis or Lincoln Town Car style vehicle suddenly slammed on its brakes and came to a stop in the left lane for no apparent reason. A Nissan Maxima passenger car attempted to brake and steer left, but was unable to and struck the red/maroon passenger vehicle on the driver side rear. Both vehicles pulled onto the inside shoulder of Interstate 5.

The driver of the red/maroon vehicle exited his vehicle, looked at the damage, and fled the scene. The subject in the fleeing vehicle was described as a tall, thin, white male with gray hair, beard, and mustache in his late 50s or early 60s. When the subject fled the scene, he crossed all lanes of traffic on Interstate 5 and appeared to have taken the Martin Way exit off of Interstate 5. The passenger in the Nissan Maxima sustained a fractured wrist and finger.

Detectives are seeking additional witnesses to the chain of events leading up to and the actual collision phases. If you saw anything Friday evening, or know somebody who did, please call State Patrol Detective Sergeant Jeff Maijala (253) 538-3178 or Detective Shannon Beeler at (253) 538-3172.

WSP Press Release August 18, 2014