Battle Flag Will Return To Japan

battleflageDuring World War II, Veteran Herb McDougall retrieved a Japanese flag from a cave. The Okinawa Battle Flag was forgotten in a dresser drawer until it was discovered by his daughter-in-law Shannon McDougall. His granddaughter Jennifer McDougall had taken a Japanese language class at South Puget Sound Community College and contacted her previous instructor Aki Suzuki to translate inscriptions written on the flag.

The writing was by the soldier's friends and family and had the name of a police station in Tokyo. With help from the station, Suzuki located the soldier's son and plans to take the flag to him during a trip this month.

Jennifer McDougall says her grandfather always wanted the flag to go back to the Japanese family. Herb McDougall now lives in an assisted living apartment in Elma, WA.

IMAGE/ Bloom / The Olympian via AP

July 2, 2013/AP