Fireworks And Parades

fireworks1Residents and visitors celebrating Independence Day are urged to do so in a safe and enjoyable manner that is within the law. Personal fireworks require personal responsibility. Remember the three B’s of fireworks safety: Be Prepared—Have water nearby and put pets indoors; Be Safe—Only adults should light fireworks; Be Responsible—clean up fireworks debris.

Fireworks and Calling 911: When It’s Appropriate

Every year around the 4th of July 911 operators are inundated with calls regarding fireworks. The majority of these calls are not an emergency, but the call ties up the 911 system, potentially delaying an emergency call from getting through. A chart has been produced with input from of Emergency Dispatch Centers and should be used a guide when to call 911 regarding fireworks. SEE CHART HERE

Mason County Sheriff Calls For Responsible Firework Use

According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, a five year total from 2006 through 2010, there were 2,760 fireworks-related emergency incidents in Washington resulting in over $41,194,424 in property loss. Of all of the fireworks-related incidents, the majority occurred between July 3 and July 5.

The Independence Day holiday weekend is always very eventful. The Mason County Sheriff’s Office may experience up to 200 calls for service per day this weekend. The number of people in Mason County can double on holiday weekends from visitors enjoying our magnificent forests and lakes. This creates dramatic increases on law enforcement resources. When calls for service spike our deputies are trained to prioritize those calls and handle the most serious incidents first. For example assaults, injury traffic collisions, and felony crimes in progress are handled before excessive noise in a neighborhood or vandalism to mailboxes with no suspects. Fireworks complaints involving noise only will be considered low priority. Fireworks incidents involving immediate threats to life or property will be considered high priority. The Sheriff’s Office has experienced a significant reduction in personnel in the past year, so response times for low priority calls will at times be longer than usual.

Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury said “I am committed to provide the best law enforcement services possible given the resources we have at our disposal. We thank you for your patience if it does take us a little longer to get to your call.” 

Submitted by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office

Fireworks-related injuries are from both legal and Illegal fireworks and children between the ages of 8 and 14 sustain the most injuries. Read the recommendations from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office


Fireworks In Cities and Counties

Fireworks discharge in the City of Shelton will be legal only on July 4th, 2013 from 9am to Midnight. All fireworks must be purchased from a state-licensed fireworks booth.
Fireworks purchased from a Tribal fireworks stand are illegal to discharge off the Reservation.

Lacey and Olympia
The cities of Lacey and Olympia remind residents and visitors that the sale and discharge of consumer (personal) fireworks are not allowed in either community. Novelty devices such as snakes, glowworms, and party poppers are permitted; however sparklers and all other types of fireworks are not. Fireworks purchased elsewhere, such as at tribal stands or fireworks sales booths in other communities, may not be used in Lacey or Olympia.

Mason County 

These dates and times apply to fireworks discharged in unincorporated areas of Mason County.
12 Noon to 11PM on June 28th.
9AM to 11PM on June 29th to July 3rd.
9AM to midnight on July 4th.
9AM to 11PM on July 5th.
6PM on December 31st until 1AM on January 1st
Finally, under State Law firecrackers, sky rockets, bottle rockets, are illegal to possess and discharge. Possession of illegal fireworks will result in loss of all fireworks and a possible citation.


Thurston County

The sale of fireworks in unincorporated Thurston County is legal at inspected and approved stands from noon on Friday, June 28 until 9:00 p.m. on July 4. Daily sales before the 4th are from 9:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is legal to discharge fireworks only from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on July 3 and 4. The sale and discharge of fireworks is not allowed in the cities of Olympia or Lacey.





Event: Celebrate Hoodsport! The 24th annual 4th of July Celebration. Street fair starts July 4th. Fireworks will be Saturday July 6th at dusk.
Place: Pier at Hoodsport
Time: Dusk 

Event: “Thunder Over the Canal” Fireworks Display
Annual 3rd of July fireworks show and celebration. Live music, champagne, beer, BBQ, an oyster-eating contest and a spectacular fireworks show, fun is to be had by all!
Place: Alderbrook Resort and Spa
Date: July 3rd
Time: 10:15 p.m. 


Event: Lacey 3rd of July Fireworks Spectacular
The Spectacular will begin around 10:15 p.m.
Place: William A. Bush Park
Date: July 3rd
Time: Dusk

Event: Capitol Lakefair Fireworks
Grand Finale for the annual Capital Lakefair celebration, Sunday, July 21 in downtown Olympia at Heritage Park/Capitol Lake.
Place: Capitol Lake
Date: July 21
Time: Dusk 

Olympia – Boston Harbor
Event: Fireworks Display
Place: Boston Harbor
Date: July 3rd
Time: Dusk 

Event: Fireworks Display
Place: South Sound Speedway
Date: July 6th
Time: After races 

Event: Tumwater Artesian Festival Tumwater Fireworks Display
Tumwater 4th of July Parade, Artesian Festival and Fireworks Display on Thursday, July 4.
Place: Tumwater Valley Golf Course
Date: July 4th
Time: Dusk