Rolling Thunder

flagjerry400Bill Parrish, WA chapter president of Rolling Thunder, talked with Jeff and Dale of Daybreak in mid-June about the American Veterans Traveling Tribute. The Rolling Thunder, Chapter 1 of Washington arranged for the Traveling Tribute to be exhibited at Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds July 3 - 7, 2013. The tribute is to salute our American heroes and celebrate the Fourth of July.

You’ll experience an amazing display of patriotism including hundreds of large U.S. flags atop 8-foot poles in perfect rows and columns on a field of green. This living display of heroism will fly as a temporary patriotic tribute, honoring those that served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War, as well as all those that are serving our country on Active Duty and Veterans as well.

During the event, Rolling Thunder will present a tribute to Fire Fighters, Police Officers and EMS on July 5th, 2013 at 5pm. The tribute will be presented by Jim Taylor, who was also on Daybreak with Jeff and Dale.

The major function of Rolling Thunder ®, Inc. is to publicize the POW-MIA issue:
To educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars and to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners of War-Missing in Action. We are committed to helping American Veterans from all wars.

Check the WA Rolling Thunder website for more information about the event.

Nic Scott, July 3, 2013