Daybreak 2

Golden Oldies

goldenboyFRFrom the first notes of “Memories” to the “See ya real soon” from the Mickey Mouse Club TV show, Dick Fox’s Golden Boys, Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Bobby Rydell, took a packed house at the Little Creek Casino and Resort Event Center through a history lesson on some of the best music of all time. Throughout the show, video screens played clips of the guys from their younger days performing on Dick Clark’s Bandstand and also various movies they were in.

Bobby Rydell started the show off singing all of his most popular hits. At 71, his voice seemed like the strongest of the group. Every guy brought something different to their set and Bobby’s message was about organ donation. Rydell is a year out of post-op when he received a new kidney and liver from a girl who died. He told the crowd that they should become donors since he knew, from personal experience, organ donation is truly the gift of life. Rydell ended his set with two of his most popular songs, both getting resurgence from Michal Buble, “Sway” and “Volarie”.

Fabian was next. Tall and lanky, the baby of the group at 70, he told some great stories about how he knew Rydell and Avalon. All three grew up within two blocks of each other in Philadelphia. Videos of Fabian played, showing throngs of screaming girls ripping his shirt off as he tried to get into cars. Fabian sang his hits and also did a great version of “The Twist” that brought up a dozen audience members on stage to twist the night away.

Frankie Avalon ended the show with his classics, including the hit from Grease, “Beauty School Dropout”. In the crowd you could see two ladies who had spent a great amount of time dressing in costume just like the ladies in the musical movie. Avalon, 72, walked through the crowd singing and shaking hands during his set. He also introduced his drummer, who is his son, and his lead guitarist Eden Everly, the son of one of the Everly brothers, a singing duo from the same time. Avalon and Everly sang a three song tribute to Everly’s dad and uncle.

The three sang at the end of the show with a tribute to friends of theirs who had passed on, including some great Elvis from Fabian. The final song was the ending song from the Mickey Mouse Club, a tribute to Frankie’s on screen partner and former mouseketeer, Annette Funicello. Overall, Dick Fox’s Golden Boys, was a great show that I would recommend to anyone. It was fun, funny and I overheard the crowd on the way out saying it was one of the best shows they had seen at the Little Creek Casino Resort.


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