Daybreak 2

777 Permitting

boeing777Gov. Jay Inslee wants to utilize a never-used law that will allow Boeing to get expedited permitting as the company considers where to build its 777X jetliner. Inslee said he has directed the Washington state Department of Commerce to move quickly to consider whether an expansion of Boeing’s plant in Everett would be deemed a “Project of Statewide Significance.”

Officials in Everett and Snohomish County have requested the designation. The Legislature created the “Project of Statewide Significance” designation in 1997, but the plan has never been used. The option would lead to more state and local coordination to help expedite the permitting process. Inslee says he can’t imagine a project that has more significance to the state and says officials are ready to accommodate Boeing’s needs. The company has yet to commit on where it will build the new plane.

July 12, 2013/AP