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Inslee and Kilmer Speak At Sheriff’s Breakfast

sherrifinsleeAn unprecedented gathering of VIP’s including many Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs along with WA State Patrol Chief John Batiste, U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA6) and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee attended the monthly Mason County Sheriff’s Breakfast held at the Little Creek Casino. Representative Kilmer and Governor Inslee were guest speakers.

Kilmer briefly spoke to a full audience of executive level first responders from around Washington about the sequestration and how it is affecting Law Enforcement funding. Topics covered by Kilmer included adequate funding for drug and gang taskforce programs, and hiring of officers to update new technology, particularly aimed at enhancing drug(meth) reduction efforts. kilmer podium

Inslee provided the key note address. Before getting to his talking points, he commented on the great job Kilmer has been doing and also thanked all present for their public service. Inslee started off his speech with the state’s pursuit of public safety, saying one of the greatest accomplishments of this year’s legislative session was tougher laws against drunk drivers.

“It’s a good step forward, “said the Governor, “We know we have repeat offenders, second, third, fourth, fifth offenders, which is totally unacceptable in our state.” He added, “In my view we need to get to the heart of the problem and that is drinking.” The Governor says it’s going to be a good day when we get repeat offenders off the bottle.

During the question and answer period, Governor Inslee said he has not yet considered a proposal shared by local resident Tom Davis, to increase taxes on timberlands to help pay for public safety. Inslee says he has championed closing tax loopholes as a better way to consistently pay for education.

Inslee said, “If we are going to meet our constitutional obligation, to put about $4 billion into our public school system…the right way to generate that money is to close some of the tax loopholes that have existed for years and are not generating jobs in this state.”

insleebbSheriff’s Salisbury then presented the Governor with a basketball signed by all the Sheriff’s in Washington.

Breakfast host, Sheriff Casey Salisbury coordinated the event and was very pleased with the turnout of over 90 Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS executive professionals that came to listen and provide valuable feedback to our state’s highest executive.

The Sheriff’s Breakfast is in its seventh year and continues to be the largest gathering of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals in WA State.

July 26, 2013/Information from KMAS News and Detective William Adam, MCSO Public Information Officer

Images from Detective William Adam, MCSO Public Information Officer.Click on images for larger version.

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Top Photo: Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury with WA State Governor Jay Inslee.

Next Left: MCS Salisbury presents basketball to Inslee

Next Right: U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer

Below: Sheriff Salisbury & WA State Patrol Chief John Batiste with three Explorers from the Mason County First Responder Explorer Post.