Latest News For September 6

regnews2Messy Storm, End Of WA/OR Agreement, Bridge Injury, Weightlifter Sentenced

A storm that dumped heavy rain on Washington state has left damaged roads, a nearly eight-foot high mudslide and overflowing sewers in its wake. One road in unincorporated King County collapsed, creating a sinkhole. Crews northwest of Yakima were working to clean out a nearly 8-foot high mudslide that hit State Highway 410.

Oregon and Washington state are ending a 35-year agreement to honor each other's permits for winter recreation areas. Washington says its more expensive snow park program no longer matches Oregon's. The Oregonian reports Washington charges $40 for an annual permit or $20 for a daily permit. Oregon charges $25 a year or $4 a day.

A construction worker was injured yesterday on the new section of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River. The Skagit Valley Herald reports that the worker was on a catwalk when a large piece of equipment fell on him, crushing his arm. Police say the worker was taken to Skagit Valley Hospital for treatment.

An Eastern Washington weightlifter has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in federal prison for importing steroids. The U.S. Attorney's office says 39-year-old Ryan Kennelly received a package from India to his post office box in Kennewick containing more than 1,500 anabolic steroid tablets in December 2010.

September 6, 2013/AP