Daybreak 2

The Natives are getting restless!

fair signThe Friends of the Fair are taking yet another approach toward maintaining their heritage. The Friends gave KMAS a statement of their stance on the importance of the Mason County Fair and the fairgrounds. KMAS was told there is more to follow.

STATEMENT: (retyped as a courtesy of KMAS)

Friends of The Fair
 There are times within any great civilization where all people must come together. They must join forces no matter past differences or understandings.
 They bring the determination and dedication forward that created what they held in trust. The very fiber that made their civilization and their community succeed.
 We in Mason County Washington are at just such a crossroad. We can ignore the trust or we can stand and defend what has made our community great.
 Some say it’s just a fairgrounds. The real facts are that it has been a center for learning, a center for history, a place of celebration and gathering. It is our heritage. It has become our    soul.
It is tattered and worn but it is the best we could afford at the time. It remains just that. The best choice we have.


Steve Bloomfield
391 SE Dahman Rd.
Shelton, Wa. 98584

Annette McGee
1961 SE Cole Rd.
Shelton, Wa. 98584