Daybreak 2

New JBLM Unit Oversees Supply Logistics

jblmA new headquarters unit is organizing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord that will be responsible for about 6,000 soldiers who specialize in logistics, law enforcement and medicine. It would manage food, fuel and ammunition in combat overseas or a natural disaster at home.

The man in charge of the 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command is Brig. Gen. Kurt Ryan. His first order of business is getting deskbound troops out in the mud.

About 260 soldiers took part last week in combat medical drills to simulate how they would respond to taking casualties.

The 593rd is the second new headquarters unit led that the Army launched in the past year at JBLM. The other, the 7th Infantry Division, oversees seven combat brigades with 23,000 soldiers.

November 4, 2013/AP and The News Tribune