Mason County Commission Briefings

mcc 2013Budget 2013 Adjustments Continue. The harder the Commission tries to hold the purse strings the bigger the exceptions.  Frank Pinter, Finance Director for the Sheriff’s Office gave the Commissioners bad news at Tuesday’s briefing meeting. 

The inmate health care continues to be unpredictable and high. Pinter estimates he needs to increase the health care budget line by another $250K through the 2013 budget cycle. Cost incurred for inmate medical care includes pace makers, stents, broke hands etc. The law requires the Sheriff’s Office to ensure inmates receive proper medical care. Some of the medical cost, providing the inmate meets the qualifications and paperwork is processed in time, may be eligible for reimbursed by Medicare. In the meantime the “bills have to be paid”.

REET (Real estate excise tax) Dollars Go Down The Sewer. Recent shifting of County “Special Funds” will halt some of the Parks and Recreation projects for the County. Director John Keats and the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Board attempted to convince the Commissioners not to turn back RCO (Recreation and Conservation) Grant dollars renovation of the MCRA Park.  These grant dollars generally cover 75% funding with 25% matching funds from the County. Keats justifies accepting the grant dollars due to the Parks bringing people (revenue) to the county. Not accepting this grant could risk the county to retain future RCO Grants.  
Other projects on the table were not funded (Sand Hill Park in north Mason County and the Union Boat Ramp), as the Commission re appropriated the REET funds to cover a balloon payment for the Belfair Sewer project.  

November 20, 2013/JE KMAS News Radio