Local News - KMAS NewsRadio http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news Tue, 04 Aug 2015 10:45:51 -0700 i1 mediaworks CMS en-gb admin@kmasnewsradio.com (KMAS NewsRadio) Shelton: 6 Year Transportation Plan Up For Approval http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24251-shelton-6-year-transportation-plan-up-for-approval http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24251-shelton-6-year-transportation-plan-up-for-approval sheltoncom2014Per RCW 35.77, the purpose of the 6-Year Transportation Program (TIP) is “to assure that each city and town shall perpetually have available advanced plans looking to the future for not less than six years as a guide in carrying out a coordinated transportation program.”  It is a plan only, because there is no funding available for the projects listed.

The TIP is used by several state and federal agencies, and serves multiple purposes.  It is for:

  • Local agencies to prioritize their transportation projects anticipated to be done during the next six years;
  • For the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to know what projects are anticipated;
  • To list those projects that have federal and/or state funding secured;
  • To identify those projects that are anticipating state or federal funding that is not yet secured;
  • To allow WSDOT to create a list of projects for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Federally funded projects must be incorporated into the STIP before money will be disbursed to a local agency. The 6-Year TIP is required to be updated annually and adopted each year. The city is mandated to submit the plan to WSDOT within 30 days of adoption and preliminary data is due to WSDOT in August.

City staff recommended the City of Shelton Commission approve the 2016—2021, 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program by adopting Resolution 1084-0815 and putting it on the Aug 10, 2015 Consent Agenda for final action.

Community Correspondent, Jerry Eckenrode – KMAS Newsradio, August 4, 2015

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Deckerville Fire – Final Update http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24240-deckerville-fire-final-update http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24240-deckerville-fire-final-update deckerville fire(DNR News Release) - Highlights:

  • Dispatch centers and the fire management team have received numerous reports of hazy, drifting smoke. This smoke is not being created by the Deckerville Fire, but is moving into the area from the Paradise Fire in Olympic National Park. If the public sees a definite column of smoke, they should report the fire’s location by calling 1-800-562-6010. For more detail, see the fire update attached.
  • On Tuesday August 4th, the Type 3 Incident Management Team will transfer command of the incident to a Type 4 Incident Management Team.
  • The fire Information Phone: 360-401-5184 will be discontinued August 4th at 10:00 am, after that time please call Washington DNR South Puget Sound Region Office for information: 360-825-1631.
  • Due to more accurate mapping of the fire perimeter, the total area burned is 107 acres. (MAP PDF)

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Get Your Vote In! http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24239-get-your-vote-in http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24239-get-your-vote-in IvotedElection Day is Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Statewide, as of 12:30PM, 14.9% of the 3,371,025 ballots issued have been returned. See table below for individual county stats.

Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, August 4, or deposited into an open ballot drop box no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Voters are advised to check mailboxes for pick-up times to ensure an Election Day postmark. More information for Mason County voters: HERE or call (360) 427-9670 ext. 470. Thurson County voters can check here: ThurstonVotes.org or call (360) 786-5408.


 No update for Franklin County.

As of Monday 8/3 at 12:30PM.

 FYI: Columbia, Ferry, Klickitat,  Pend Oreille, and Wahkiakum Counties are not having a Primary.


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SHS Students Attend Leadership Conference http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24214-shs-students-attend-leadership-conference http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24214-shs-students-attend-leadership-conference students SHS njrotc1Students from Shelton High School NNDCC participated in the Northwest Youth Leadership Conference (NWYLC) held at Pacific Lutheran University on June 21 - 25. The cadets interfaced with professionals from various disciplines during the conference in order to gain insight concerning the many aspects of leadership. Retired General James McElroy of Shelton was a speaker at the conference.

NWYLC is designed for students to develop a better understanding of:  The basic principles of a free society and of our nation’s history, the elements of leadership required to maintain a free society, those special aspects of leadership applicable to our political, legal, business, and government organizations, and the skills which will enable them to successfully assume leadership positions in their schools, communities and future careers.

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Habitat Partners With Macy’s for 10th Annual “Shop For A Cause” http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24209-habitat-partners-with-macy-s-for-10th-annual-shop-for-a-cause http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24209-habitat-partners-with-macy-s-for-10th-annual-shop-for-a-cause Habitat Macys shop(Habitat for Humanity Press Release) - Macy’s will partner with Habitat for Humanity of Mason County to invite customers to participate in Macy’s 10th annual national “Shop For A Cause” charity shopping event on August 29, 2015. Customers can purchase shopping passes from either the Shelton or Belfair Habitat Store locations now.  Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” is a unique one-day-only shopping event created to support local charities’ fundraising efforts. Since 2006, the program has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for charities across the country.

“Macy’s is proud to invite our customers to join us in giving back to causes that make a difference both locally and nationally,” said Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer. “For the last nine years, Macy’s Shop For A Cause program has raised many millions of dollars for thousands of charities across the country. We look forward to offering our customers and associates an easy way to make a positive impact in our communities while enjoying great savings at Macy’s.”

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Brush And Structure Fire Affects Homes & Livestock http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24216-brush-and-structure-fire http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24216-brush-and-structure-fire deckervillefire2(DNR Press Release) - On Saturday and Sunday, fire crews were able to take advantage of favorable weather to remove unburned fuel and extinguish hot spots along fire lines. Several interagency strike teams (engine crews with water tenders) and several state and federal hand crews were able to quickly secure the fire line. By Sunday evening the fire was 100% contained.

A transition to cooler temperatures Monday should reduce fire danger in the area. The burn ban ordered by Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark is still in place. People should be extremely careful with any potential sources of fire ignition.

The Deckerville Fire started on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 4:13 pm. The fire burned an area north of the Deckerville Road approximately 3 miles west of Matlock in Mason County. The fire burned across Decker Creek and moved in the direction of Ford Rd. The total area burned is estimated to be about 150 acres. The fire burned 13 structures and five of those were residences.

The fire moved quickly Friday evening due to the hot temperatures, dry conditions, and wind. Two air tankers and three helicopters helped to slow the fire’s spread Friday evening. Cool, moist conditions at night kept overnight fire activity at a minimum.

Donations for community support are being coordinated by the Matlock Community Church the Matlock Grange. If you would like make donations, please call the Matlock Community Church at 360-426-3091 to see what items are needed.

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New Bonneville Power Administration Rates Could Impact PUD 1 Rates This Winter http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24203-new-bonneville-power-administration-rates-could-impact-pud-1-rates-this-winter http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24203-new-bonneville-power-administration-rates-could-impact-pud-1-rates-this-winter pud1PUD#1 Press Release) - Bonneville Power Administration recently released its rate structures for the 2015-2016 biennium, revealing an overall average increase of 7.1% to the actual cost of power and 4.4% for the transmission (delivery) of that power. The final individual impact varies by utility. Mason PUD 1 is a full Bonneville subscriber, meaning all of its power is purchased through BPA. The District does not own any generation facilities. BPA’s power costs account for 50% of the District’s total operational costs.

The total increase to Mason PUD 1 is approximately 7%, or $200,000 per year in operating costs. The increase will be effective October 1st of this year. In 2014, the District absorbed the increase from BPA without having to raise rates. This recent increase has dealt a harsh blow to BPA subscribers; especially after also being hit with large increases in the previous three rate periods.

In June, Mason PUD 1 held an electric rate hearing to discuss a proposal to raise the basic monthly charge by $5.00 per customer, per month to bolster revenues after a warm winter resulted in lower power sales at a time when the District normally captures 75% of its annual revenue. District auditor Greg Kester noted that the while the $5.00 basic charge increase was necessary to recover from low 2014-2015 kilowatt sales, if the region experiences another warm fall and winter in addition to BPA’s newest rate increase, the basic charge will not offset the need for an additional rate increase in 2016. A thorough budget analysis and public hearing will be held prior to any rate increase proposal being presented to the board of commissioners for approval.

Power providers across the Pacific Northwest are reeling from these multi-year power increases and according to a report from the Public Power Council, of which Mason PUD 1 is a member, Bonneville recognizes the need to “undertake a number of processes to address its short-term and long-term competitiveness”. Public Utility Districts and municipalities are legally entitled to preference, at-cost power from Bonneville. A multitude of factors in BPA’s operations and the western energy market impact the cost for that preference power. Mason PUD 1 and other utilities across the region will continue to work closely with the Council and BPA to help reduce that impact to the public power ratepayers.

The District’s budget workshops and rate hearings are all open to the public. Agendas, minutes and materials from those meetings are listed on the District’s website at: www.mason-pud1.org under the “Meetings” tab. Customers are welcome to attend to learn more about the rate structure process and are also encouraged to contact the PUD by phone or email with questions if they are unable to attend the meetings.

August 1, 2015

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Commissioner Of Public Lands Talks Fire Danger http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24204-commissioner-of-public-lands-talks-fire-danger-at-sheriff-s-breakfast http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24204-commissioner-of-public-lands-talks-fire-danger-at-sheriff-s-breakfast Comm Goldmark Sheriff Sal(MCSO News Release) - Washington Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark served as keynote speaker at the Law Enforcement Breakfast in July hosted by Sheriff Casey Salisbury.  Commissioner Goldmark wanted to remind everyone that Western Washington is in a historic period for weather. Prolonged drought combined with record heat and wind have created explosive fire conditions, a significant risk to public safety.  He cautioned everyone to be as careful as possible to keep fire risk down to protect our communities and wildlands.

Commissioner Goldmark said, “We need to work together to educate the public to reduce human caused starts.”

According to Commissioner Goldmark, human caused starts have accounted for a significant number of wildfires already fought this year including the Sleepy Hollow fire in Wenatchee in which several homes and four warehouses were burned.

Goldmark manages the Washington Department of Natural Resources.  Along with fire fighting, the D.N.R. also manages lands for timber, wheat and fruit harvest, aquaculture, forest practices, and includes law enforcement, geology, and maps and surveys. 

The monthly Law Enforcement Breakfast draws together first responders from multiple agencies in the region including fire, medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel as well as retirees and public-minded citizens.  Keynote speakers are invited to address topics affecting communities, public service, and current trends. 

News Release written by Officer Melissa Wood/IMAGE - Sheriff Casey Salisbury presenting a coffee cup to Commissioner Peter Goldmark. (Photo by MCSO Staff)

July 31, 2015

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PUD 3's Community Solar A First For Mason County http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24205-pud-3-s-community-solar-a-first-for-mason-county http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24205-pud-3-s-community-solar-a-first-for-mason-county PUD3400(PUD3 News Release) -- Mason County’s first local shared solar project is coming to Mason PUD 3’s Johns Prairie operations center at Shelton. Beginning August 1, 2015, PUD 3 customers will have the chance to apply online for shares of a solar energy system.

The PUD’s shared solar project will be 75 Kilowatts, enough to power seven Mason County homes. It will be on one of the operations buildings at the PUD Johns Prairie operations center. The PUD has a 225-kilowatt system on a nearby operations center building. It generates enough electricity to power up to 20 homes.

PUD 3 customers have shown a great deal of interest in solar energy projects. In fact, there are 43 systems installed at homes throughout the county. However, there are those for one or more reasons who can’t take advantage of solar energy at their homes:

  • The cost is out of their range.
  • Solar panels, brackets and connectors can weigh down a roof.
  • There’s not enough of a southern exposure to catch the sun.
  • Nearby trees may block the sun.
  • Restrictive homeowners association’s covenants.
  • Adopting a lifestyle required for a home renewable energy system.

With PUD 3’s shared solar program, customers can purchasing solar units in the system. Each unit costs $100 (maximum 100 units per customer), with 2,893 available units.

The investment will pay itself off quickly (estimated between three and four years) in two ways:

  • An annual credit on a customer’s electric bill based on the electricity generated by their share of the project.
  • An annual Washington State production incentive of $1.08/kWh that a customer’s solar units generate through 2020.

Beginning August 1, customers can try out a payback calculator (www.masonpud3.org/SharedSolar) to see how their investment would pay off (for informational purposes only), and register for solar units online. More information is available at PUD 3’s conservation department: 360-426-0777.

So everyone gets an even chance, names will be chosen in a random drawing of registered applicants. Participants must be a Mason PUD 3 residential customer. The drawing is September 17, 2015 at 12:00 noon.

July 31, 2015

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Recreation Facility – Yes? No? http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24201-recreation-facility-yes-no http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24201-recreation-facility-yes-no pool image SRfirm(Press Release) -  A community group, Community Recreation Opportunities for Mason County, aimed at bringing a recreational center to Mason County, will be surveying local residents in early August.

Residents will receive a phone call from Strategic Research Associates – a market research firm based out of Spokane – and will be asked about recreational needs as the group coordinating this effort studies the potential for a new facility.  The group of four local volunteers, Rob Wilson-Hoss, Scott Hilburn, Jacquie MacAlevy and Julie Nichols, has been working with the firm to develop the survey.

The group is at the initial stages of exploring whether the community can support a recreation facility.  “What we’re trying to determine is, what will bring people to a recreational center or other similar facility?” said Wilson-Hoss, a founder of Community Recreation Opportunities for Mason County. “Are they looking for programs and facilities? Are they looking for childcare? Are they looking for a pool?  A Boys and Girls Club?  All of the above?”

The survey will also look at how much people might be willing to pay for membership and programs.  Studies such as this one are commonly required as a threshold question to whether a nationwide organization (such as the ‘Y’ for instance) would be interested in investing in a community.

The research company will call 300-400 random households throughout Mason County. The survey takes about 8 to 10 minutes to complete. Phone calls are scheduled to begin Friday, August 7.

“All we ask is, please don’t hang up if or when you get this call.  It is really important that we have good data to show the potential for what can be done in our community in the future,” said Wilson-Hoss.

The following is a list of donors who made possible this research effort. 

  • Charles and Judi Manke
  • Peg Stock
  • Linda and Roger Hoff
  • John L. Scott Real Estate Agency
  • Mason County Title Company
  • Dave and Nancy Bayley
  • Hoss & Wilson-Hoss, LLP
  • Robert and Wendy Wilson-Hoss
  • Chris and Rebecca Penoyar
  • Patricia Swartos
  • Taylor Shellfish Company
  • Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Hood Canal Communications Company
  • Pamela Farr
  • Gary and Donna Wolden
  • Shelton Rotary
  • SOCK (Save Our County's Kids)

July 31, 2015/IMAGE: City of Spokane Aquatic Facilities

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Annual Pancake Breakfast At Kneeland Park http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24184-annual-pancake-breakfast-at-kneeland-park http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24184-annual-pancake-breakfast-at-kneeland-park 2015pancakebreakfast1The Annual Pancake Breakfast was another success according to the numbers provided by the Kiwanis.  More than 1200 people attended the event to enjoy the pancakes and meet up with family and friends.  Truly a great Community get together! 

The event netted seven to eight thousand dollars. The money is to be used within the community sponsoring the scouts, youth soccer, key club at the high school, youth law enforcement camp, South Sound reading, and other programs. All of the money earned benefiting the youth of Mason County. 

The Kiwanis Organization thanks all who attended for their support. 

KMAS  - July 31, 2015

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50 Years of Alderbrook http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24183-50-years-of-alderbrook http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24183-50-years-of-alderbrook Last week, the Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club celebrated their 50th year.  Bill Kendrick was the emcee for the evening's celebration.  Union was just 24 years old in 1959 when the golf course property was purchased by Wes Johnson, a man with a vision of this "jewel" nestled in the forest of Mason County.  Johnson completed the first 9 holes of the course, and people began to purchase the properties.  The rest is history.

The evening celebrated with a photo slide show and introductions of the longtime members.  Special recognizing was given to Joe Lynch and the Wes Johnson family.  After Mary Gin Kennedy gave the history of the Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club, dedication of a time capsule was made.  The time capsule will be kept at the Club House and be opened on July 26th, 2065.

Today Alderbrook Golf Course, restaurant and bar are open to their members and the public.

KMAS – July 31, 2015

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Mason PUD 3 Emergency Outage for Lake Cushman Area http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24172-mason-pud-3-emergency-outage-for-lake-cushman-area http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24172-mason-pud-3-emergency-outage-for-lake-cushman-area MCPUD3400UPDATE - Power Restored - at 3:07 PM.  (LAKE CUSHMAN, WA) -- Mason PUD 3 is conducting an emergency outage in the Lake Cushman area from 2:00 PM through 4:00 PM today.

About 81 customers in the vicinity of the Lake Cushman Golf Course will be affected.

July 24, PUD 3 crews were called to repair damaged underground power lines in the area. Linemen installed a cable to bypass the damaged line.

Today’s outage will allow the PUD to dig up the damaged section and make final repairs.

PUD 3 recommends unplugging sensitive appliances and electronic equipment until power has been restored for approximately 20 minutes. In addition, especially with electronics, it is important to consider using surge protection.

Customers may report outages any time on the outage hotline at 360-432-1533, 360-275-2833 (Belfair), or 360-861-4247 (Elma).

Online Updates Available on Mason PUD 3’s Twitter feed and Facebook page

July 30, 2015

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Ride The Hurricane http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24164-ride-the-hurricane http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24164-ride-the-hurricane Hurricane RidgeOlympic National Park will host an exciting opportunity for cyclists to “Ride the Hurricane” between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 2.

The event is a recreational climb into the Olympic Mountains on the scenic Hurricane Ridge Road. The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce is organizing the ride, with sponsorship from local businesses.

To provide a safe experience for the event, the road will be closed to all motor vehicle traffic between the Heart O’ the Hills entrance station and Hurricane Ridge, starting at 6:00 a.m. and ending at noon. This applies to both uphill and downhill travel. The road will open to traffic at noon, when the event is finished. 

Olympic National Park will waive entrance fees at the Heart O’ the Hills entrance station for the rest of the day on August 2.  Access to the Lake Angeles-Heather Park trailhead and Heart O’ the Hills Campground will remain open throughout the day. 

For more information, including registration details, about “Ride the Hurricane”, people should visit the Port Angeles Chamber website at http://www.portangeles.org/pages/RideTheHurricane/ The registration cost is $40.  Non-registered cyclists may also ride on the Hurricane Ridge Road during the event, but will not have access to event services or amenities.

Olympic NP News Release - 07/30/15

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Inslee Gets "C", Legislature "D" http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24158-inslee-gets-c-legislature-d http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24158-inslee-gets-c-legislature-d capdome lakeA new poll shows that while Washington Gov. Jay Inslee got a better grade from respondents than the state Legislature, just 30 percent say they were inclined to vote to re-elect him.

Independent pollster Stuart Elway's poll, released Wednesday, showed that 7 out of 10 voters polled gave Inslee a "C'' grade. Those same voters gave the Legislature, which went into a triple overtime session this year, a "D'' grade. However, the poll of 502 registered voters conducted last week found that just 30 percent of voters said they were inclined to vote for Inslee when he's up for re-election next year. Yet only 25 percent said they would vote for a Republican. The poll's margin of error was plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

So far, just one Republican has announced to run again Inslee, Port of Seattle Commissioner Bill Bryant.


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Shelton Police Confiscate Illegal Narcotics http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24152-shelton-police-confiscate-illegal-narcotics http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24152-shelton-police-confiscate-illegal-narcotics sheltonpolicecarsShelton Police Department Press Release announced a combined effort on Monday Night (7/27/15) of local agencies and the West Sound Narcotics Task Force (WESTNET) to serve a search warrant in the 2200 block of Washington Street resulted in the recovery of several pounds of illegal narcotics to include heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine as well as a number of fire arms and a sizable quantity of cash.  This is an ongoing investigation Shelton Police report they expect more arrests will be made.


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WA Parks To Sell To Squaxin Tribe http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24151-wa-parks-to-sell-to-squaxin-tribe http://kmasnewsradio.com/news/local-state-news/24151-wa-parks-to-sell-to-squaxin-tribe squaxin tribeWashington State Parks will sell a former state park to the Squaxin Island Tribe, which forced the park's closure more than two decades ago.

The Kitsap Sun reports the parks commission on Thursday unanimously approved the sale of the former Squaxin Island State Park in Mason County to the tribe for $45,000.

The tribe cut off public access to the 31-acre property 22 years ago. Lacking road access, the only way to visit the largely wooded park was by boat.

The tribe owns the tidelands, which it had leased to the park system shortly after the property was acquired for $66,000 in 1965. The tribe decided not to renew the tideland lease after it expired in 1993 following conflicts with park managers and park users.

07/29/15 - http://bit.ly/1LHEND0

admin@kmasnewsradio.com (Jeff Slakey) Latest News Wed, 29 Jul 2015 15:00:33 -0700