Tennessee Girl Sent Letter to Dead Grandma, Gets Reply From 'Guardian Angel'

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-12_4e0bcd4d6d.jpgThe Hosford Family (CHAPEL HILL, Tenn.) -- A Tennessee girl who sent a balloon into the sky with a note addressed to her late great grandmother has received a reply from a mysterious "guardian angel." The sweet moment when Bella Hosford, 8, sent a pink balloon into the sky with a note addressed to her late great-grandmother was captured on video by her mother on Aug. 19, one year after Minnie Sue Watts died.

"Bye bye! Tell MawMaw I love her," Bella says in the video, as the balloon and note drifted into the sky outside the family's Chapel Hill, Tenn., home.

Four months later, and just in time for the holidays, Bella's prayer was answered when she received a package from a kind stranger. Inside was the deflated balloon, a silver locket and a response written on a pink sheet of paper.

"Dearest Bella, MawMaw is always with you. Just close your eyes and you will see her. Love, Your Guardian Angel," the note said.

Tricia Hosford, Bella's mother, wrote on Facebook that the stranger's act of kindness brought the family "tears of joy" and left the little girl smiling.

"Blessings to this guardian angel......whomever you are! This Christmas we took our time and the hugs meant a little bit more thanks to you!!!!!" she wrote.

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