U.S. Ambassador Offers Belgian Counterpart Wager on World Cup Match

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-07_99ba30d359.jpgUS State Department (LONDON) -- American Ambassador to the United Kingdom Matthew Barzun made a wager with his Belgian counterpart on Tuesday over the U.S.-Belgium World Cup match. According to a photo posted to Barzun's Twitter account, the losing team's ambassador will cook their own country's style of waffles for the winning team's embassy.

"Since we are both soccer (football) fans and our two countries' teams face each other tonight in the World Cup, I thought I would offer up a friendly wager," Barzun wrote in the letter.

Barzun closed his letter to Belgian ambassador Guy Trouveroy offering his opponent the, "best of luck and may the best team win." He did, however, add one final line, echoing the U.S. team's chant, stating matter of factly, "...but I believe, I believe that we will win!"

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