GOP Weekly Address: Sen. John Barrasso Calls for Health Care Reform

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-09_946d107163.jpgUnited States Senate (WASHINGTON) -- In this week's Republican address, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming contends reforms must be made to President Obama's health care law. The Affordable Care Act is "hurting middle class families," Barrasso begins, and millions will be affected by new insurance rates. He argues for a repeal of the law, urging Democrats to join Republicans in the effort.

Citing the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, Barrasso explains the average family premium for people getting insurance at work is nearly $3,000 higher than it was when Obama took office.

New regulations affect part-time workers, including substitute teachers, bus drivers and custodians, he says, with hours being cut and pay reduced.

"Despite the higher cost to consumers and to workers, many people will still not get the quality health care the President promised them," Barrasso says.

In addition to insurance rates, he asserts the health work force is also affected, with a shortage of doctors, nurses and physicans.

"The American people need health care reform, but it must be the right kind of reform," Barrasso says. "Reform that lowers patient costs, improves health, and protects the vulnerable. That means access to more affordable care, and protecting quality care for older Americans."

He also stressed the importance to help those with pre-existing conditions, mentioning his wife, a breast cancer survivor.

While Republicans have voted to repeal the health care law and start anew, Obama recently pledged to make sure the new law would go into effect as intended and ensure the "economic security of millions of families."

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