Pressure on House Republicans After Budget Bill Approved by Senate

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-09_da91cafb9d.jpgMedioimages/Photodisc (WASHINGTON) -- U.S. Representatives will work all weekend to come up with a new proposal to fund the government after the Senate stripped away language defunding Obamacare from the spending bill that aims to keep the government running past Monday. The bill was sent back to the House on Friday after the Senate approved of the measures. The bill has bounced back and forth between the two houses of Congress.

Members of the House were close to voting on a budget Saturday afternoon that would fund the government through December, but only if certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act are delayed for one year. Senate Democrats have previously stated that any bill delaying Obamacare would not make it through the Senate.

Both houses are looking to pass a spending bill in order to avoid furloughs for over 800,000 federal workers, but with the Republican-held House aiming to defund the Affordable Care Act -- better known as Obamacare -- the continuing resolution continues bounced between the House and the Democratic-held Senate.

Among the other consequences of a government shutdown would be the closing of national parks and museums, mortgage delays and potentially judiciary furloughs.

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