Obama Asks Supporters to Be Part of 'Team Obamacare'

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-10_d64e4e5122.jpgOfficial White House Photo by Pete Souza (WASHINGTON) -- President Obama is calling on his supporters to join "team Obamacare," asking them to encourage Americans to enroll in the new insurance marketplace, despite the technical online glitches. In a new video message released by Organizing For Action, the president admits, once again, that the health care rollout has not gone as smoothly as it was supposed to.

"We're going to get it fixed," Obama says, reiterating that the Affordable Care Act is much more than just a website.

With HealthCare.gov still plagued by problems, the president asks supporters to help individuals in their communities sign up for coverage.

"Fortunately, that's what you do best: organizing.  So I'm asking you to help tell your friends, families, co-workers, classmates, neighbors and anyone else about what the Affordable Care Act can mean for them," he says.

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