Don't Expect 'Mission Accomplished' Moment for

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-11_efe99f25cc.jpgABC News (WASHINGTON) -- Despite a three-hour crash Wednesday and a 15-minute blackout on Tuesday, will function smoothly for the “vast majority” of users in just 10 short days, Obama administration officials asserted again Thursday. No matter what happens, however, don’t expect a “Mission Accomplished” moment -- or any public update for that matter -- on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

The embattled Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services wants the transition into December to happen relatively quietly, masked in part by public and press preoccupation with the holiday, officials suggested on Thursday.

“There’s not a corner being turned here,” said CMS Communications Director Julie Bataille.  “We continue to make progress week by week…This will continue to be an iterative process into December, January and beyond.”

As for what will happen on Nov. 30, the self-imposed deadline to have the site fixed, Bataille said there would be no major “reboot” or re-launch of the site, only that it would be open for business and more optimally functional.

CMS says it has enacted “several dozen software fixes” and continues to improve the website’s response time (now in milliseconds) and error rate (now less than 1 percent).  Bataille said there is “no evidence to date that there have been security breaches to”

Still, she offered this caveat: It is “important to understand that [the website] will not, from time to time, work as it should… unscheduled outages may continue.”

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