North Mason Resources

North Mason Resources (NMR), a group of service providers all in one building across from QFC in Belfair at 140 NE State Route 300, has used humor via Facebook to share a very serious need: funds.

From Facebook: “As Board Chair Janice Olmsted says, ‘Donation may be made through our website, by mail, office, drop by on horseback, golf cart even by ambulance!’ (No donations via hearse, please!!! We need our donors to hang around a while longer!!!)”

NMR houses WorkSource, Resource Coordinator and Homeless Advocate, DAV/VA Representative , Community Food Pantry, BHR (Counseling), MTG Meds (help with free or reduce priced prescriptions), County Nurse working with parenting teens, Olympic College Educational Advisor, and drop off location for Northwest Children’s Outreach (clothing and other needs for children birth to 18).

All services are free to those in need. However, providing them is not free, and NMR is seeking help from its community to be able to pay all current bills for these services to continue. NMR is looking to other grant providers, is currently receiving funds from grants and patrons (who donate the equivalent of one monthly bill throughout the year), as well as other contributions. However, with the economic crisis still hitting North Mason, the total amount of income is not sufficient right now. During the period of January until early summer, donations are typically lower than the remainder of the year.

Anyone who appreciates the work of NMR to help our neighbors in need is asked to please contribute: NMR PO Box 2052, Belfair, WA 98528 or come into the office across from QFC, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mon. through Thurs.

January 17, 2014/NMR News Release