Littlerock Road Bridge Closed For Safety

Continued heavy truck use forces second closure for safety. The bridge on Littlerock Road SW in south Thurston County was closed again today for safety after briefly opening on Wednesday to passenger vehicles. Despite signs limiting speeds and restricting heavy vehicles from the bridge after temporary repairs were completed, several heavy trucks were seen using the bridge. The bridge was closed to all vehicle traffic this morning to protect the public and prevent any damage to the temporary repairs that continued heavy vehicle use could cause.

“Our temporary fixes won’t stand up to the stresses of speeding vehicles and heavy trucks, so we made the decision to close the bridge again. Safety is our number one priority,” said Donavan Willcutt, Director of the Thurston County Public Works Department. “We know it’s a real inconvenience for people in that area to have the bridge closed like this. Once the permitting and design process is complete we can move forward with replacing the bridge, hopefully by the end of the year. But for now, we have to protect people’s safety first and foremost and keep heavy vehicles off the bridge span.”

Bridge No. L4 on Littlerock Road SW, located between 110th Avenue SW and 93rd Avenue SW was first closed on Monday, January 27 after structural deficiencies were discovered. Engineers found the middle support pier for the 1950s vintage span had lost stability. Motorists in the area are asked to use caution and use the marked detour. To download a map of the detour route, go to