Daybreak 2

Rainer and South County Alcohol Compliance Checks

Details: Sheriff John Snaza announced today that the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting random checks of stores this fall for alcohol compliance. The first stores to be checked will be in the Rainer, Grand Mound and Rochester areas.
Sheriff Snaza stated “We all have to work together to keep alcohol out of the hands of kids.” "The tragic stories of binge drinking, traffic crashes and deaths from juvenile alcohol use continue to plague our community."
TCSO will be working with TOGETHER!, which has been working closely with Law Enforcement agencies for years to conduct alcohol and tobacco compliance checks on retailers.
The vast majority of retailers do not sell to minors. For those that do, education can help them understand why they need to be vigilant and follow the law and not sell to anyone under 21 years of age.
According to Sheriff Snaza, “We will continue to make compliance checks of alcohol retailers using additional private and grant funding from other organizations as the year goes on.”
For more information about underage drinking prevention and education in Rainer, call 360-446-9122. TCSO Public Notice