Daybreak 2

Recycle Cans For Olympia

Beginning July 29, 2013, nine more pedestrian recycle containers will be conveniently located for public use throughout downtown Olympia. This brings the current total to 15, up from 6 added in 2012. The new blue, 24-gallon, metal recycle containers will be placed next to existing garbage cans for convenience, familiarity and ease of use. Each container lists the acceptable items for recycling (cans, bottles and newspapers). New locations are as follows:

• Franklin Street, between 5th Avenue & Legion (in front of the YMCA);
• Washington Street & Legion Way (across from Sylvester Park);
• 4th Avenue & Washington Street (in front of Emporium Hair);
• 4th Avenue, between Jefferson & Adams (in the Artesian Well Lot);
• 4th Avenue, between Jefferson & Cherry (in front of Orca Books);
• 4th and Capitol on the northwest corner;
• 5th Avenue and Capitol Way on the southwest corner;
• 5th Avenue & Washington Street on the northeast corner (in front of Red Door Furniture); and • Washington Street, between 5th Avenue & Legion (in front of the Performing Arts Center when construction is concluded).

Containers are strictly for pedestrian and public use and are not intended to replace or supplement business or multifamily recycling. The nine new recycle containers follow the successful installation of six last year. The average weekly collection per container can be 15 pounds or more. The additional recycle containers greatly expand upon the public’s ability to recycle their cans, bottles and newspapers while visiting instead of throwing recyclable items in the garbage.

The new recycle containers were purchased by the City of Olympia and paid for in part with a Coordination Prevention Grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The Olympia Downtown Ambassadors, a program of Capitol Recovery Center will continue collection of containers. Ambassadors monitor and empty containers weekly. They collect and sort the contents to be recycled, and the Waste ReSources Collectors haul it for recycling on their regular route.