Mason Area Transit News

Ground Breaking August 1st @ 2 PM at theTransit-Community Center
Groundbreaking Ceremony August 21-23 (date/time TBD) at the  Belfair Transit
Fair & Public Meeting September (date/time TBD) = Volunteer & Community Partnership Recognition Ceremony Transit Improvement Projects In North Mason County

Bill Hunter Park in Belfair:
     - Owned by the County as part of the Parks Department; maintained by MTA (mowing, watering, trash pickup)
     - MTA's primary bus stop in Belfair
     - New bus shelter as part of $150K FTA "State of Good Repair Grant" through WSDOT for 15 new bus shelters
     - Extending fencing in partnership with the County and some of the concerned citizens of Belfair

Highway 3 Widening in Belfair:
     - WSDOT project
     - Adding 11 bus shelters along Highway 3
     - Construction to start in spring of 2014

North County Park & Ride:
     - Part of MTA's long-range planning for many years
     - MTA Board renewed support of planning projects last December
     - MTA & County did study in 2007 - found a lot of wetland!
     - Working with WSDOT to update study - determine space needed
     - Talking with County and WSDOT about partnering
     - Will combine ride-share and transit uses, plus MTA satellite office

Public Transit Fair - August 21st in Belfair from 4-7 pm - location to be announced
     - Learn about MTA and how to use your transit system
     - Will have a transit coach, Dial-A-Ride bus, Vanpool van & minivan
     - Planning Roundtable
     - Representatives from the County, WSDOT & Kitsap Transit
     - Talk about Highway 3 shelters, park & ride and service requests/suggestions