Daybreak 2

Toxic Algae May Be Present At Long Lake Park

The swimming beach at Long Lake Park has been posted to inform park visitors that toxic algae may be present. The algae could make affected areas of the lake unsafe for people and pets.

The algae bloom was spotted near the park's beach on Wednesday, August 28. The bloom has dissipated, but algae particles are still visible in the water. Water quality analysts weren’t able to collect samples during the bloom, so testing to verify the algae's strain could not be conducted.

Over the holiday weekend, the City of Lacey is advising boaters and swimmers:

  • To keep children and pets away from areas where algae is visible
  • Not to swim, water ski, or operate a vessel in areas where algae is visible
  • Not to drink the lake water
  • To clean fish well
  • To call a doctor or veterinarian if you, your children, or pets have sudden or unexplained sickness or signs of poisoning.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, a combination of warm temperatures, sunlight, and nutrient-rich waters can cause blue-green algae to reproduce rapidly, known as "blooming." Blue-green blooms usually float to the surface and can be several inches thick near the shoreline. Some blue-green algae can produce toxins or poisons, potentially causing illness in humans, pets, waterfowl, and other animals that come in contact with it.

For more information, call Jenny Wilson, Lacey Parks and Recreation, at (360) 491-0857. To learn more about blue-green algae and what to do if you see an algae bloom, visit

LACEY, WA, August 30, 2013: City Of Lacey Press Release