Daybreak 2

Fairmount Ave Pavement Project

Shelton, WA - Fairmount Avenue between Olympic Highway South (SR3) and Walker Park Road.
Monday 9/913 – The Contractor will begin reconstructing Fairmount Avenue between Olympic Highway South (SR3) and Walker Park Road.
There will be lots of trucks, equipment and noise for the duration of the project. The Contractors schedule tentatively set to complete the project by the end of October, depending on weather. There will be flaggers staged in various areas, watching for pedestrians and directing traffic. PLEASE BE ALLERT AND OBEY THE FLAGGING PERSONEL’S DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY. Driving lanes will be very narrow or one-way and vehicle delays could be twenty minutes or longer. Please plan accordingly and avoid the area whenever possible from 7:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m, recommend taking alternative routes.
We will try to keep you notified of any changes, but as was stated above this time period will be very hectic and fast-paced. Please check the City of Shelton’s web site at for the latest information.
The City of Shelton would like to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during this project. You have all helped make the project a success. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
For further information please contact Clinton Leoppard at 360-490-0453, or Robert Tauscher at 360-432-5116 Thank you for your cooperation
September 4, 2013/ Press Release:  City of Shelton Engineering Department